AMS Marriage Enrichment Retreat

“Marriage is indeed a union most sacred and serious. It is a wonderful gift to the Church and to society. Like all precious gifts it must be cared for, supported, and sustained.”

– Archbishop Timothy Broglio, “Married Couples and the Challenge of Military Service”, 2010

AMS Catholic Marriage Enrichment Retreat

Sacred Heart Retreat House, Alhambra, CA

December 7-9, 2018

For couples in the military, with at least one spouse serving on active-duty, married at least two years. The retreat weekend is designed for Catholic couples to spend time together praying, reflecting, and sharing about topics related to compatibility, intimacy, communication, and commitment. Rather than keynote speakers brief introductions set the stage for reviewing each area allowing time for couples to share with one another.

Take a weekend to enrich your marriage. Pray together to discern how God is inviting you both to reflect the gift of Christ. Meet other couples navigating the gifts and challenges of marriage in military settings.


$50 per couple (the full cost of the retreat is supported by donors)

The retreat, accommodation, and meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch) are included.

Couples are responsible for transportation to and from the retreat center. Consider car pools with other Catholic couples from your installation.


Arrival and departure


1700 – Check-in with dinner to follow at 1800

1900 – Opening Session


1130 – Mass

1230 – Lunch and departure

The Sacred Heart Retreat House is located at 920 East Alhambra Road, Alhambra, CA 91801.

Conduct and Regulations for the Retreat Center

Children are not permitted on this marriage-enrichment retreat. Provisions for child care must be made at the home/installation. Pets are prohibited, except for service animals. Retreat participants agree to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the Retreat Center, keep the noise level low in the meeting rooms, lodging rooms and hallways. No smoking is permitted inside or nearby the retreat center buildings.

Dietary Restrictions

Restrictions based on diet will be met, based on the ability of the retreat center. Please communicate those needs to the point of contact below:


Inquiries regarding the AMS Marriage Enrichment Retreat may be directed to Mark Moitoza, Vice-Chancellor for Evangelization,, 202-719-3648


Note that there is a limited number of spaces available. Once the capacity has been reached a waiting list will be take effect.