Annual Appeal to Priests

The 2017 Annual Appeal to Priests will begin 1 August and conclude 31 October.  I ask you to consider in prayer a gift to the AMS in support of one the following during this timeframe with the goal of 100% participation:

  • A donation to support the Vocations and Co-Sponsored Seminarian Program.
  • A donation to support the renovation of the Chapel at the Edwin Cardinal O’Brien Pastoral Center.
  • A donation to the 2017 Endowment Matching Gift Opportunity. Please note that all gifts will be matched with funds received from the 2013 National Collection with the goal of establishing a new $2 million AMS Endowment Fund by the end of the calendar year to support all programs and services.

Your ministry and service provide pastoral care and comfort to service men and women, veterans, and their families, serving in an endless range of stressful, dangerous, and possibly deadly circumstances that would otherwise not be possible.