Thanks to the generosity of donations made to The Augustine Institute, select installations have received free access to a one-year subscription to This initiative began with installations in the European and Asian Vicariates in May 2017. All of the donated subscriptions have been assigned. Questions regarding may be sent to Mark Moitoza.

Download the Formed App and view content with your installation access code.

Recorded webinars will be hosted on this webpage highlighting features of and ways to promote this resource in your area.

Promote the Gift of Formed during the Seasons of Advent and Christmas

Donors have made the gift of Formed available to select military communities. Remind those in your community of the wonderful digital resources available for free by sharing the installation access code with the following promotional materials. Be sure to enter the access code on the postcard, bulletin announcements, facebook posts, social media, and websites as permitted.

Consider highlighting ANIMA, a 3-part video series about how God enters into our human experience. ANIMA’s beautiful film-making and teaching by Bishop Donald Hying will move hearts and inspire meaningful conversation among families and small groups. Join us as we walk through ANIMA’s Leader Guides, promotional materials, and strategies to inspire participation from the faithful.

Additional promotion resources are available in the Formed Leaders Resource section.