AMS Family Faith Assessment

The AMS Family Faith Assessment is open from April 1 to May 31. This online learning process supports Catholic military families as they grow in faith. The assessment is designed as a resource to engage family catechesis at home to support what is being taught in religious education at each grade level.

The AMS Family Faith Assessment is a process derived from and in support of Forming Disciples for the New Evangelization: Archdiocesan Religion Curriculum Guide. Each question is taken from the standards and indicators or linked to the key elements of a Catholic life as stated in the curriculum guide. During the months of September-October, parents and children (grades 3-8) will take the Family Assessment 1 together. Parents and children will continue to engage the faith at home with the Family Play quizzes/games in the months leading up to a Student Assessment 2 held in April-May. Given that parents will have journeyed with their children and given witness to the faith throughout the catechetical year, children will take the Student Assessment 2 by themselves to indicate what they have learned.