National Collection for AMS

November 9-10, 2013

Now is a time of profound transition for the men and women who serve our Country in the United States Military. While many are home with their families in the wake of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, others remain on the front lines to face a scattered but determined enemy. Those still deployed continue to endure adversity, sacrifice and danger. Those back home confront major life adjustments. Handling such hardships, they rely on Catholic Chaplains for spiritual guidance and support.

To help meet those needs, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has approved a special collection in all parishes nationwide. The collection will be taken up just once every three years to support the Archdiocese for the Military Services—the only arm of the Church responsible for supplying priests to serve as chaplains in the U.S. military around the world.

The Collection for the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA gives each of us the opportunity to support its unique mission “serving those who serve.” Funds raised from this national collection will make it possible for the archdiocese to ensure that all military Catholics and their families, as well as patients in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers, have access to the sacraments, the spiritual guidance of a Catholic chaplain, and authentic Catholic education, wherever they are.
The national date for the collection is November 9-10, 2013.

The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA receives no military or government assistance. The AMS depends solely on the generosity of the American Catholic Community to operate its many programs and services to our men and women in uniform.

THANK YOU for your generous support!