World Youth Day Updates

Follow the Virtual Pilgrimage of World Youth Day being held in Madrid, Spain – August 15-21, 2011.

  • Find out what is happening with military-connected pilgrims with frequent updates and photos from Madrid on Facebook.
  • Discover how Archbishop Broglio is encountering and praying with pilgrims through news releases posted on this website.
  • Become a virtual pilgrim of World Youth Day by following this link created by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
  • Learn about the schedule and details regarding World Youth Day posted on our website.
  • Keep all of the international pilgrims in your prayers and follow the official WYD updates.

Here is a prayer provided by the World Youth Day team in Madrid, for WYD pilgrims. Pass on the prayer to anyone you know attending WYD 2011!

BANNER_180x150_BLANCOFriend and Lord Jesus Christ

Friend and Lord Jesus Christ, How great You are! With Your words and Works You have revealed to us Who God is, Your Father and our Father, and Who You are: our Savior. You call us to be with You. We wish to follow You wherever You go.

We thank You for Your Incarnation. You are the Eternal Son of God, but You humbled Yourself and became man. We thank You for Your Death and Resurrection. You obeyed the Father’s will to the extreme and for this reason You are the Lord of all persons and things. We thank You for having remained amongst us in the Eucharist.

Your Presence, Your Sacrifice, Your Banquet Invite us to remain always united to You. You Call us to work with You. We wish to go wherever You send us: to announce Your name, to heal in Your Name, to bring all of our brothers to You.

Grant us Your Holy Spirit, to enlighten and strengthen us. The Virgin Mary, the Mother You gave us on the cross, always encourages us to do what You say. You are our Life. May our thoughts, our love and our actions always be rooted in You! You are our Rock. May our faith in You always be the solid foundation of our life!

We pray for Pope Benedict XVI, for the Bishops and for all those who are preparing the next World Youth Day.