Chapel Named for Bishop Estabrook

The Marine Corps Base Hawaii Chapel at Kaneohe Bay was formally named in honor of the late Bishop Joseph W. Estabrook on Friday, 01 FEB 2013.

  • Archbishop Broglio spoke about Religious Freedom at the gathering in Hawaii formally naming the MCBH Chapel at Kaneohe Bay in honor of the late Bishop Joseph W. Estabrook.
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Archbishop Broglio said:

In this chapel men, women, and children of different religious convictions will worship. They will pray to the one God whom they identify with different Names. They will all pray for the welfare of their loved ones, for the safety of those in harm’s way, and for the return of the deployed. They will be united in their belief in God and protected by the Commander’s obligation to ensure the religious accommodation of all.

Therefore, it is fitting that we dedicate this space to Bishop Estabrook. He was a Catholic, but he lived and served in fidelity to that oath he swore to respect the US Constitution. In the command chaplain positions he occupied, he did all that he could to meet the needs of each person. How important is that freedom of religion that the chaplaincy exists to support! It is fundamental to who we are as a people. How many peoples fled situations of intolerance in search of a land where they could worship God as they believed right? The Puritans might have been the first, but they were quickly followed by Catholics from Ireland, Jewish people from Europe, and most recently Christians from the Near East.

Our Founding Fathers were brilliant, because they wrote not about the freedom of worship, what you do on Sunday or Saturday, or Friday, or whatever day you deem holy, but about the ability to profess faith. That applies to what we do in worship, in catechesis, in way of life, and in what we transmit about our faith. The survival of the Nation depends on that freedom.

-Read the full text of Archbishop Broglio’s remarks in the AMS News Release.