Father Emil Kapaun (Servant of God) Society

The Father Emil Kapaun (Servant of God) Society includes individuals who have contributed $100,000 or more in a given year. On the birthday of Father Kapaun (April 20) an annual Mass will be celebrated in recognition of the generosity of this donor group and for their personal intentions. These donors will also receive an annual invitation to this Mass and dinner with Archbishop Broglio, four tickets to the Annual Benefit, a Commemorative Brick, and a copy of the book The Miracle of Father Kapaun.


Lord Jesus, in the midst of the folly of war, your servant Emil gave himself in total service to you through his service and care of his fellow soldiers. We now ask you, Lord Jesus, to manifest to the world the glory of his sacrifices by signs of miracles and peace. In your name, Lord, we ask for you are the source of our peace, the strength of our service to others, and our final hope. In Your name, Lord Jesus, we ask. Amen.