For God and Country Retreat

Catholic priests from around the nation joined Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio (left) in opening procession of Mass to begin the “For God and Country” retreat for prospective new U.S. Military chaplains on June 26, 2018, in Washington, DC.

The AMS will hold its fourth all-expenses-paid discernment retreat for priests who are already incardinated in a U.S. diocese or religious order and currently engaged in pastoral service, but who may sense a further call to military chaplaincy. The retreat, called “For God and Country: a Call to Serve Those Who Serve,” will be held June 24-28, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

During the four-day gathering, AMS clergy, staff, and chaplains will join Archbishop Broglio in giving the priests a realistic picture of what it is like to be a military chaplain and how to become one.

The retreats are meant to help relieve a chronic shortage of Catholic U.S. Military chaplains, whose ranks are dwindling due to attrition: aging chaplains are reaching military retirement faster than they can be replaced. Currently, some 205 priests are on active duty, fewer than half the number serving at the time of 9/11.

The retreat has reached its maximum capacity at this time, but additional applicants will be added to a waiting list.  For more information, go here, or contact the AMS Chancellor at or (202) 719-3600.