Intranet – CRM Acceptable Use Policies

Remote Access

  • The CRM may be accessed from personal devices ONLY with appropriate security safeguards, which include:
    • a PIN-protected (or equivalent) screen lock on any mobile device
    • a password-protected lock on any device when stepping away from it (e.g. locking the screen of a Windows laptop)
    • a CRM login password should never be saved in a browser
  • The CRM may never be accessed from shared public computer, including hotel computers, Internet cafes, library computers, etc.
  • The CRM is never to be accessed over a WiFi hotspot that does not require a password (i.e. an “open” hotspot)


  • You are never to allow any other user to use your credentials
  • Your password is never to be shared with any other person
    • The only exception is when technical support is providing assistance, and immediately upon the conclusion of such assistance you are to change your password