Intranet – CRM Guide for Events

Updated February 28, 2017

Adding a New Event

Setup the Event Description Webpage AND a registration SUCCESS PAGE

  • Talk to Meg. She will need the language you want to use to describe the event on the website.

Setup Event in CRM

  • Go to Campaigns
  • Add a ‘new’ campaign
    • Choose record type ‘Event’
    • For convocation enter the name as “[Year] Convocation [location]” where year and location match the actual year and city. For other events, an event name and year (or month-year if it happens more than annually) is generally a good choice.
    • Other fields to be attentive to when creating a new record:
      • ‘Paid Event’: check this box; convocation would be paid, for example
      • ‘Event Start Time’: needs a date
      • ‘Active’: check it
      • ‘Status’: choose ‘In Progress’
      • ‘Letter’: select the template for the text that goes in the thank-you email (note: select ‘all fields’ when searching the list of letters, as ‘Search by Name’ does not actually search the Name field)
        • Create a template as type ‘Letter’ if needed
      • External Campaign ID: this is needed if receiving replies to AMS’s caging company (Advancement Office is the contact for this)
      • ‘Fund’: choose a value here (speak with Advancement if needed)
      • ‘Event Fee’: if applicable, enter the non-deductible portion of an event registration (cost of putting on the event, food and lodging included in the cost, etc.)
    • After creating a paid event
      • notify Dir. of Development to review the record
      • create one or more Event Levels, and enter a price and name
    • Setup ‘Event Lodging’ record, if applicable
      • Record Name can just match the lodging name (e.g., hotel)

Setup Custom Questions Page (if applicable)

  • If you DO NOT need to collect answers to custom questions (i.e. not name, phone, email, and other standard fields asked for registration), then you may skip this step. 
  • Talk to Meg about creating this in Gravity Forms. You’ll need to provide her with the questions that you want to ask (and any possible responses, where picklists or checkboxes are needed).

Setup Registration Page (if applicable)

  • If you DO NOT need to manage invitations and registrations in the CRM (i.e. there is no lasting value to capturing their information in the CRM), and the event is not a paid event, then you may skip this step. 
  • Setup online event registration page by clicking Actionpage Designer button on the Campaign record
    • WARNING: do not edit more than one Action Page at a time!
    • NOTE: For situations where AMS will accept payment offline for an online registration, or a later online registration, two pages must be created
    • If additional questions will be asked, enter “Success Page Address” matching the custom questions page
  • After creating an online event page, preview it and copy the URL. Send this to the AMS webmaster (Meg) to review the design.

Adding Registrants

  • Most are added through the web registration form
    • When ready to accept registrants, change Status to ‘In Progress’ and check ‘Active’, if you didn’t do that initially
    • If their registration has the last name and email as an existing record, it will relate to their existing record in SF
  • To add them manually:
    • Create a ‘New Event Registration’
      • If paid, Advancement will enter a gift and link it to the registration
    • If they pay in person:
      • Work with Development to process payment and registration

Identifying and Communicating with Invitees or Registrants

  • Click ‘Event Attendee List’ to view the list
  • [HOW TO EMAIL???]

Tracking Attendance



  • Change Event Status to ‘Complete’ and uncheck ‘Active’