Intranet – General SOP CRM Guide

Updated December 4, 2016

This guide provides an overview of how to use the CRM to support Administration and Archbishop & Vicar General Secretary business processes.

Track Chaplain Promotions and Transfers

  • AMS tracks each chaplain’s assignments
    • The current assignment is listed on the Assignments related list as an assignment record with status ‘current’.
      • The installation for the current assignment is also displayed on the chaplain’s record in the ‘Organization’ field.
      • Also, the Service Status and Service Status Sub-type for all current assignments is concatenated in a single field on the Individual record called ‘Service Status’, for easy reference.
      • The quarterly report type on the current assignment determines what quarterly report template the chaplain, priest, or deacon will use when completing the report for that quarter.
    • A chaplain may update a current, future, or past assignment on myAMS.
    • Alternately, AMS may update the same by viewing the Assignments related list on the individual’s record in the CRM.
      • A future assignment will automatically become the current assignment when the start date is reached.
    • AMS tracks each chaplain’s rank, in the ‘Rank or Title’ field on the individual record
      • Choosing the ‘Service Branch’ makes relevant ‘Rank or Title’ options available
      • The previous rank is recorded in the Rank History table
    • A chaplain is prompted to confirm contact information with each quarterly report submission. Additionally, if a chaplain has not confirmed their contact information or over 4 months, they will receive a reminder upon portal login.

Provide portal access

  • An endorsed individual should have portal access. Contact Erik to enable.
    • This provides access to forms needed by priests, directories, announcements directed to chaplains from AMS, and more.
  • Having an active assignment (i.e., not just an active endorsement) entered in the CRM will enable the chaplain to use the portal to submit sacramental records, and to review and approve roles on the installation’s Catholic Ministry Team. A chaplain may enter an assignment on the portal using the ‘Update Assignment’ link, or it may be manually entered by viewing the chaplain’s record in the CRM, viewing the ‘Assignments’ related list, and adding a new assignment.

Provide Pastoral & Other Support Resources

  • On myAMS the Directories page has listings of personnel and installation chapels
    • Different directories are visible to an Individual depending upon their role. Chaplains can see all directories, while seminarians may only see the installation chapel directory.
  • The Resources page has links to decrees, news, and similar information.

Host Bi-Annual Convocations

  • Each Convocation and chaplain retreat is setup as an event in the CRM
  • Convocation and other event attendance is visible on the chaplain’s record, in the Events related list

(Arch)Bishops Visit Chaplains at Installations

  • IN DEVELOPMENT: View a list of installations and chaplains to visit during travel to specific geographical areas
  • A planned installation visit should be entered (e.g., by Sr. Lisa or Paula) by going to the Installation, finding the Installation Visit related list, and creating a new record indicating the visitor and expected date.
  • One month in advance of the visit (or as soon as it’s created if it’s scheduled in less than a month), the system automatically sends an email to the Chaplain (TBD: also the CPLC?) at the installation asking them to update the installation information.
  • If it’s cancelled, a comment should be entered in the Notes field saying it’s rescheduled.
  • Information about visits may be captured in the Notes field on the installation visit record.

Other Ongoing Communication

  • [IN DEVELOPMENT] Bulk emails may be sent to various groups of constituents using Campaign Monitor. This can be filtered by AMS clergy, or individuals in a certain area, or those with a certain status, and much more.
  • Letters and calls should be entered as Activities on the chaplain’s record, in the Activities related list
    • IN DEVELOPMENT: Print a chaplain’s address on a single #10 or Monarch-sized envelope by clicking a button
  • An email to the chaplain can be linked with the chaplain’s record by bcc’ing Salesforce at (address TBD) or by sending the email from Salesforce and manually linking it to the proper record
  • Messages from the Vicar General, Chancellor, and others may be posted to the portal by Meg and/or sent using Campaign Monitor


Available as list views:

  • A list of all AMS Chaplains, on the Individual tab

To Be Developed – list views or reports:

  • Do a print merge to envelopes for various groups of recipients
  • Print a chaplain profile
  • Print a dossier for the Archbishop
  • Print a report of ordination dates for active duty chaplains (ideally we’d replace this with automatic reminders in SF)
  • Print a report of all active duty chaplains (by diocese, by service branch)
  • Print a count of chaplains, by type (e.g. VA Chaplains, etc.)
  • List of chaplain deaths, by date range

Chaplain Separation from Service

  • For retirement:
    • An assignment is created on the Assignments related list on the chaplain’s record, at Installation ‘Retirement’, with the ‘Retirement’ checkbox checked, Service Status ‘Retired’ and the appropriate Sub-Type (likely ‘Military’)
      • Service Branch should remain as whatever branch of service they retired from
        • This ensures their military title continues to be reflected on their salutation
      • Or a chaplain may enter it on myAMS
    • On the chaplain’s record, the ‘Retirement’ checkbox is checked(?) and the ‘Retirement date’ is entered
    • The chaplain’s salutation and title should update automatically after the changes are saved
    • The portal profile must be manually changed to Retired Chaplain by AMS
    • Endorsement is withdrawn (see below)
  • For a voluntary departure from the chaplaincy:
    • An assignment is created at Installation ‘Resignation’, with Service Branch ‘Civilian’, Service Type ‘Inactive’ and service sub-type ‘Resigned/Terminated’
    • Endorsement is withdrawn (see below)
  • For an involuntary departure from the chaplaincy:
    • An assignment is created at Installation ‘Endorsement Withdrawn’, with Service Branch ‘Civilian’, Service Type ‘Inactive’ and service sub-type ‘Terminated – See Notes’
    • Endorsement is withdrawn (see below)
  • When an endorsement is withdrawn or expires:
    • The status of the chaplain’s endorsement application is changed to ‘withdrawn’
    • The portal user profile must be manually changed to either ‘retired chaplain’ or ‘applicant’
    • Endorsement Dates on the Individual record should be updated as needed

Chaplain Death

  • On the chaplain’s record:
    • Check the ‘deceased’ box
    • Enter a date in the ‘date of death’ field
    • If only an approximate date is known, check the box of the same name
  • A mass email announcement may be sent using Campaign Monitor