Pope Benedict XVI and The Papal Transition

7-128 Pope Benedict XVI Prayer Card 2.inddVisit the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for information, resources, and prayers regarding Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation and the Election of a New Pope.

Prayer for Pope Benedict XVI

O God, true shepherd of all the faithful,
look with kindness on your servant Pope Benedict XVI,
whom you set as head and shepherd of Your Church.

We give you thanks for your grace at work in him
as he had led us by word and example:
in his teaching, in his prayer and in his great love.

Grant him your strength in frailty, comfort in sorrow,
and serenity amid the trials of this world;
and guide your Church, built on the rock of Peter,
with the power of your Spirit as we continue on the path that leads to you.
Through Christ our Lord.