RCIA Worksheets

The following RCIA worksheets are used to obtain important information from those inquiring about Christian Initiation. They may be kept on file by the Catholic Chaplain to support the completion of the Sacramental Record Form when the Sacraments are celebrated. Only the completed Sacramental Record Forms are to be sent in to the Archdiocese. A description of each RCIA worksheet follows:

Worksheet RCIA-A: Inquirer Information

  • This worksheet requests basic contact information, religious history, marital status, and family information. This is the only worksheet that inquirers should complete by themselves. The coordinator, a priest-chaplain, or another initiation minister should complete any other applicable worksheet(s) in an interview format with the inquirer after he or she has completed this worksheet.

Worksheet RCIA-B: Current Marital Status Follow-Up

  • If an inquirer is engaged, married, or divorced and not re-married, specific questions should be asked to determine if marriage-related issues need to be addressed. Complete the appropriate section of this form with the inquirer in an interview format.

Worksheet RCIA-C: Previous Marriage Information

  • If an inquirer and/or an inquirer’s fiancé(e) or spouse has been previously married, use this worksheet to gather basic information to determine the status of the previous marriage(s). Question (c) asks specific questions to verify if a Declaration of Nullity has been granted.
  • It is best to complete the appropriate section(s) of this worksheet with the inquirer and/or the inquirer’s fiancé(e) or spouse in an interview format, so that you can explain why you are asking certain questions. Keep in mind that previous marriage situations, no matter the current status, must be treated with pastoral sensitivity.

Worksheet RCIA-D: Christian Initiation Information

  • The first two sections of this worksheet provide a place to record the dates and other significant information regarding an inquirerís participation in the Christian initiation process for sacramental record keeping purposes. Use the reverse side of this form to record the dates on which the steps of the annulment process have been completed, if applicable.

Tips for Using the Worksheets

  • Photocopy each worksheet on a different color paper to easily distinguish them.
  • Keep the worksheets for those who are currently participating in the Christian initiation process in a three-ring binder so that you can insert additional information as needed.
  • These worksheets contain all the information needed for completing the Archdiocesan sacramental records (see introductory remarks at the top of this webpage.)