Faithful Citizenship

2020 Election Novena

Bearing in mind our nation’s challenges and the need for wise, moral, civic leadership, please consider joining the 2020 Election Novena. For nine consecutive days, Mon, Oct 26 – Tues, Nov 3, participants will be encouraged to pray one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be for the day’s intention. A closing prayer for elected leaders will be offered on day 10, Wednesday, November 4.  Sign up for reminders from the USCCB.

We are called to witness to Faithful Citizenship as we participate in the public square through political engagement and civil dialogue. Our approach to contemporary issues is first and foremost rooted in our identity as followers of Christ and as brothers and sisters to all who are made in God’s image.

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship is the US Bishops’ teaching document on the political responsibility of Catholics. This statement gives guidance for the Catholic faithful in the exercise of their rights and duties as participants in our democracy.

Civilize It

The US Bishops have launched a campaign inviting Catholics to model civility and love for neighbor throughout the year. Civilize It: Dignity Beyond the Debate will ask Catholics to pledge civility, clarity, and compassion in their families, communities, and parishes, and call on others to do so as well.