Reach More

The Office of Evangelization, in collaboration with Reach More, provides training to support young adults in the military desiring to grow in faith by meeting in small groups at their respective military setting.  Many Catholic young adults (18-29 years old) in the military desire to take their faith to the next level in a very strong and vibrant way. They also desire to do this with their peers rather than alone.  Learn how to join other young adults in this movement to build community among other young, faithful Catholics who have a heart to reach their peers.

The Reach More initiative is an endeavor to launch an evangelization effort from the military Catholic chapel community to young non-practicing Catholic Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Soldiers, and Coastguardsmen.  How can you help?  If you are a priest, consider the military inviting young adults to gather and share their faith.  If you are a military young adult, connect with your priest about this initiative and share your interest in gathering with others.

Want to start somewhere smaller? Consider Discipleship Quads:

Ideally, participating installations would have young adults that desire to gather. Discipleship Trainers at the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, look forward to providing training and accompaniment to help launch outreach to peers through evangelization training.

The goal is to encourage Catholic military young adults to access the ongoing strength of the healing sacraments and the community of faith that affirms them in the many transitions of military life. Ministry initiatives that build these vital connections to the Catholic faith, such as Reach MoreTM, help all involved to live out their baptismal call to love and to serve.

The Office of Evangelization is available to support questions and seek these important connections for those in the military to connect with Reach More. Want more info? Read the 5Ws/H. Contact Casey Lee at or (202) 719-3653 for more information.

Check out where Reach More is currently at in military settings: