Order Form – Letter to a Suffering Church

Word on Fire has donated over 2,000 copies of Bishop Barron’s recent book, Letter to a Suffering Church: A Bishop Speaks on the Sexual Abuse Crisis. Additional free resources are posted online to support small group discussions. (See SufferingChurchBook.com – especially parish resources and streaming videos).

The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA encourages the use of these resources to support needed conversations, prayer, and healing by covering the cost of postage and handling.

To ensure a wide distribution of these donated books throughout the Archdiocese either the AMS Endorsed Priest or the CPLC may order one pre-packaged set of ten copies of the book for a duty assignment, while supplies last. (If your community requires additional copies orders may be purchased directly with Word on Fire at SufferingChurchBook.com).