AMS Family Faith Assessment

The orientation video on the AMS Family Faith Assessment is provided to help catechetical leaders and catechists support families to know, understand, and share faith at home.

Archbishop Broglio’s letter of introduction to the AMS Family Faith Assessment – (pdf – 123KB)


Administrator (AMS Priest)

The AMS priest is the administrator of the AMS Family Faith Assessmentof the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. The AMS priest initiates the account for each of his installations’ religious education program. The instructions for opening the installation’s unique URL account are located in the Clergy password protected section of the AMS website.

Constant communication, collaboration and consultation between the AMS priest, the coordinator of religious education (CRE) and the team of catechists will strengthen the strategic planning of faith formation to support families in the process of learning the Catholic faith at home and online.

The AMS priest may need to contact the local military installation’s IT point of contact (POC) to request access to the AMS Family Faith Assessment website on installation computers.



icon_AssesmentThe AMS priest will invite each catechist (grades pre-K-12) to enter the list of students in the appropriate grade level. Second grade families will engage in the Assessment process as practicum/trial in preparation for third grade. Each catechist will need to provide a non-government email to the AMS priest. The AMS priest will enter those e-mails and invite grades pre-K-12 catechists to the account.

Catechists will receive an email with a username and password for their appropriate grade level. Catechists will in turn input each student’s name in their group with their family non-government e-mail address. All you need to invite the family to participate in the AMS Family Faith Assessment is the name of the student and the family non-government e-mail address to invite the family to register and play. Catechists need to save the username and password for their grade account. The family e-mail address ought to be consistent as they move throughout the Archdiocese; the ability to update the family account to a different e-mail address does exist.


Parents are the primary catechists/educators in the faith of their children. (National Directory for Catechesis, no. 29.E; Familiaris Consortio, no. 39)

familyPassportParents will receive an e-mail from the grade level catechist of their child (children) inviting them to participate in the AMS Family Faith Assessment. Parents must save the Username and Password for each of their children in grades pre-K-12. The e-mail will be the unique identifier the family will carry from installation to installation during their active duty life in the military, namely, the AMS Family Faith Passport.

When the family makes a permanent change of station (PCS), parents will provide the e-mail address to the AMS priest or coordinator of religious education of the new installation. The child(ren) will then be enrolled in the appropriate grade level. The leadership at the new installation will review the progress of the family’s engagement with the AMS Family Faith Assessment to better support the family’s growth in the knowledge of the faith at home and online.

Follow this link to view the text of the AMS Family Faith Assessment Privacy Policy.

Note: Federal employees and their families serving outside the borders of the United States, home schooling families and active duty families worshiping and attending faith formation at local civilian parishes may contact the Office of Faith Formation via e-mail,, regarding access to the AMS Family Faith Assessment.

How to get started with the AMS Family Faith Assessment?


AMSscorekeeper(Please contact the Director of Faith Formation, José Amaya for access to the website URL. Include your military installation, the name of the AMS endorsed priest, along with a contact phone number.)

This tool is not about passing or failing but rather engaging faith learning in a safe and comfortable environment at home and online.

  1. First, parents take the Family Assessment together with their child between the months of September and October. The results will be shown immediately to the family.
  2. Next, parents and child engage in faith learning with the Family Play feature. There are 13 categories of games/quizzes to select. Have fun learning as a family!
  3. Finally, your child will have an opportunity between the months of April and May to take the Student Assessment. The parents’ support in the child’s journey to learn the content of the faith has prepared the child to take the Student Assessment by him or herself. The progress is carried over to the next grade level and/or to the next installation in your particular AMS Family Faith Passport.

Participation Models

pope-tablet• Parents and child(ren) challenge one another by using the multi-player button.
• Family-to-family challenge by using the multi-player button.
• Child to deployed parent challenge.
• Priest to students challenge
• Catechist divides the class into two groups to play games/quizzes


• Family will engage in prayer
• Family will talk about God
• Family will engage in social service
• Family will read Sacred Scripture
• Family attendance at Mass will increase
• Parents will be accountable to their children and children to parents
• Family will have fun playing and learning together
• Family will share time together