Catechist Certification

Thank you for your service as a catechist in the religious education programs within the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA.  There are two types of certification granted by the AMS: Basic Minimum Certification and Advanced Certification.

Process for Basic Catechist Certification

All catechists, contract/volunteer Coordinators of Religious Education (CRE), and contract/volunteer Coordinators of Youth Ministry (CYM) are required to complete the Basic Catechist Certification.  Certification includes the following process:

  1. Complete required course/seminars at University of Dayton’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) or Catholic Distance University (CDU).  Learn about reduced registration fees.
    • VLCFF: one 5-week e-course or two 3-week e-seminarsLearn more about VLCFF.
    • CDU: one independent study e-course or one facilitated e-seminar
  2. Complete the child and youth protection training.
  3. Complete a favorable background check (as determined by local base/post policy).
  4. Complete the AMS Catechist Application on the myAMS portal. (Paper applications will no longer be accepted.)
    • Attach a scanned copy of your child and youth protection training and of the course/seminars you have taken.  Those who have completed Catechist Certification in other diocesan programs or undergraduate and/or graduate studies in Theology may submit a copy of their certificate or transcript for review of equivalency to the AMS Catechist Certification.
    • Once completed, the application will be processed and sent to your priest/chaplain for approval.  When the application has been approved, an AMS certificate will be issued by email.

As of 19 March 2017, the Basic Catechist Certification is valid for 3 years. Certification is renewable by taking an additional one 5-week e-course or two 3-week e-seminars through VLCFF or one independent study e-course or one facilitated e-seminar through CDU.

See the VLCFF and CDU course correlations to the 14 Standards in the AMS Forming Disciples for the New Evangelization to help you discern the e-course/e-seminar to take.

Catechist Training in the Time of COVID-19

Advanced Catechist Certification

Contract/Volunteer Coordinators of Religious Education, Youth Ministry, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Adult Faith Formation, etc., who have not earned a Masters Degree in Theology or Religious Studies are required to pursue an advanced certificate. VLCFF offers seven certificate programs. CDU offers a Certificate in Catechesis. The certificate program may be completed in two years.

Catechist Certification Training Partners

The Archdiocese partners with the University of Dayton’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) and Catholic Distance University (CDU) to offer reduced rate courses online for catechists, parents, young adults and other interested adults in the Catholic faith community (in English and Spanish).

Use promo code CDU15MILITARY when registering for courses with CDU to apply the reduced registration fee.

Open a student profile and select Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA to receive the discounted partner diocese registration fee with VLCFF.

Important Information