Marriage Preparation

  • Marriage Dispensation/Permission** (required document, requires signatures)
    • Information for Marriages Dispensed from Canonical Form – When the AMS has dispensed a Catholic party from the canonical form of marriage, the rescript and this Information form will be sent to the Catholic minister preparing the parties for marriage. In the event the Information form is lost, the Catholic minister can download it here. It is to be given to the Catholic party to complete after the marriage takes place. The Catholic party will then return the completed form and a copy of the civil marriage license to the Catholic minister, who will, in turn, submit the Information form and marriage license with the Record of Marriage and pre-nuptial documents to the AMS Office of Sacramental Records.

**This form has been revised as a fillable PDF. Adobe Acrobat is required to open the form and to complete and save it on your computer. When completed, please print the form for the Catholic party and priest/deacon to sign. The signed form can then be submitted to the Tribunal either by mail or by scanning and attaching it to an email (