Sacramental Records

Office of Sacramental Records

Unlike a conventional diocese, the AMS has no parishes or parish registries. Because military chapels are United States Government property, all records of sacraments performed on U.S. Military Installations are maintained by the AMS. This starkly contrasts the model used in diocesan parishes where all sacraments are recorded in the parish registry. The AMS currently maintains over 3.2 million records of sacraments performed on military installations.

A staff of 4 full-time employees and 2 college interns perform the task of recording, maintaining and processing requests for the over 3.2 million records.

All requests are required to be made in writing.  Please click one of the links below to request a certificate.

Contact: 202-719-3600

Certificates for sacraments celebrated in the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA are issued only after the sacrament is recorded with the Office of Sacramental Records. Please allow at least four months from the date of celebration before requesting a sacramental certificate.