Encountering Christ in Harmony

“The goal of this response is to make Asian and Pacific Island Catholics feel at home, both in the Church and in the United States, while being able to preserve the richness of the spiritual and cultural backgrounds that they bring as contributing members of the Body of Christ. Our hope is that it will be utilized by Catholic dioceses, parishes, and small faith communities in the United States to develop their own plans of action and pastoral outreach to Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States.” —Encountering Christ in Harmony, 2018

Military Catholic communities are encouraged to consult this document to collaborate and celebrate with Asian and Pacific Islanders in military settings.

  • Visit the USCCB store to order copies of Encountering Christ in Harmony
  • Full text is also available on the USCCB website in pdf format, (see pages 44-45 for the Prayer for Encountering Christ in Harmony.)