Archbishop Broglio Extends Christmas Greeting in Video Thanks Catholic U.S. Military personnel, veterans, and their families for service and sacrifice in defense of American ideals and freedom

Archbishop Timothy Broglio delivers Christmas message on video to Catholic military personnel, veterans, and their families worldwide.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Late Advent and the upcoming Christmas season will find U.S. Military Services Archbishop Timothy Broglio on pastoral visit, as usual, with the men and women who serve our Nation in uniform. This year, Archbishop Broglio will spend the holy season with deployed American Catholics in Bulgaria, Romania, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Even so, while the shepherd will be physically present only to those portions of the flock, he has a Christmas message for U.S. Military Catholics, veterans, and their families everywhere. In a six-minute video posted at, the official website of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, Archbishop Broglio says in part:

“It is my joy to greet you today by means of this message.  The global extension of the Archdiocese entrusted to my pastoral care makes this opportunity especially precious.  It allows me to enter your chapels for a brief moment so as to encourage your pilgrimage of faith and assure you of my concern for your spiritual growth and welfare. Of course, in our celebration of the source and summit of our lives as Catholics, which is the Eucharist, we are always spiritually united.  Humanly speaking, it is also valuable to have this virtual contact…

“… Many of you will be separated from family and loved ones at this time of year and, while I share your sacrifice, I want to thank you for your commitment to defend the ideals and freedoms that are the hallmark of the United States of America.  Your willingness to serve the needs of others is a true mark of authentic commitment.  I am equally grateful for others, our beloved Veterans and especially those who have been scarred forever while paying the price of that freedom, whose care is assured in the facilities and Medical Centers of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.”

Watch the full video here.

Read the full text of Archbishop Broglio’s Christmas message here