Bishop Higgins Retires

As of January 2, Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Higgins who has served as an Auxiliary Bishop of the AMS since his ordination in 2004.  In Febrary of 2019, Bishop Higgins celebrated his 75th birthday, thus reaching the age at which the Code of Canon Law requires all bishops to submit their resignations.

Archbishop Broglio offered the following comment:

“On behalf of the faithful, clergy, and staff of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS), I thank Bishop Higgins for so many years of fruitful ministry in this portion of the vineyard of the Lord.  He has served generously and capably so that the faithful of this global archdiocese and, especially, the Veterans might experience the presence of Jesus Christ and be drawn closer to Him in the sacraments.

“He has been an able counselor and illustrated for more than a half century that priestly and episcopal ministry begins with Jesus Christ and meets the needs of others.  The key is service before self.

“I have no doubt that he will continue to offer counsel, ministry, and encouragement to the Catholic community of the AMS and elsewhere.  At the same time, I wish him a fruitful time of rest and a slower pace.”