Holy Week Collections

This year’s Holy Land collection, normally taken up on Good Friday, has been moved to Sunday, 13 September 2020.


Passion (Palm) Sunday Collection

Installations are encouraged to continue the practice of taking up a collection on Palm Sunday for the AMS. This offering can now be sent directly to the Archdiocese. When sending the offering, please indicate that it is the Palm Sunday collection.The following is suggested as an April 7 bulletin announcement for the Passion Sunday collection:

“The AMS is most thankful for the support it has received from the collection taken up on Palm Sunday in the past. This year it will be taken up over the weekend of April 13–14.  We are most appreciative of the continued support from the chaplains, military personnel, and their families who participate in the Passion Sunday collection.”

Pontifical Good Friday Collection

Since 1209, the Franciscans have been in the Holy Land, caring for the poor, educating young people, conducting pastoral ministry, and keeping Christianity alive. They have the unique responsibility of caring for the Holy Places as well as caring for the living stones of the Holy Land—the Christians who live there. “Each year, all Catholics are invited to support Christians in the Holy Land by donating to the Good Friday Collection.” To order materials to promote the Good Friday Collection in your Catholic community, call 410-740-5009 or visit https://myfranciscan.org/good-friday/.