How can your Parish Serve Veterans?

The National Catholic Partnership on Disability hosted a webinar on October 18, 2011 to help Catholic parishes consider ways to reach out to Veterans and their families. Of particular note was the statistic that 20% of our Veterans are unemployed. Parishes can begin to help by:

  • extending genuine hospitality
  • creating safe environments
  • listening well and responding to particular needs
  • helping Veterans find employment
  • inviting Veterans and their families to serve in the particular ministries of the parish
  • host a party for Veterans and get to know them
  • invite Veterans to the parish
  • create a list of local referrals
  • consider the needs of National Guard and Reserve families that may not be near a military installation
  • invite older Veterans in the parish to serve as mentors

Find out more in the NCPD and Veterans Ministry Toolkit which is currently posted online.