Intranet – SOP for Bulk Email

Updated 6/6/17

Emails with a personal salutation

  • Always exclude the “Dear” from the template when addressing a Bishop or Cardinal
  • When using Campaign Monitor, for any mailings that include anyone from the Bishops segment, incorporate the following into the email template in Campaign Monitor for the salutation line:
    [if:Salutation=Your Excellency]Your Excellency[elseif:Salutation=Your Eminence]Your Eminence[else]Dear [Salutation,fallback=AMS Faithful][endif],


  • Remember to exclude individuals who meet any of the following criteria from any list that you create:
    • Listed as ‘Do not contact’
    • Listed as ‘Do not email’
    • Deceased
  • In Campaign Monitor, these are excluded from every list that has been configured to automatically update

Updating Email and Communication Preferences

  • Individuals may update which lists they’re on using links in the email they received
  • When AMS updates these preferences, it must be done in Salesforce not Campaign Monitor:
    • To remove the individual from individual lists but not all emails, first find the ‘Subscription List Memberships’ related list on the individual’s record. Edit (don’t delete!) the list from which they want to unsubscribe, and in the Status field choose ‘Unsubscribed’
    • To remove the individual from all emails, on the Individual record change Email Preference to ‘Do Not Email’ or ‘Invitations Only’, as applicable
    • To remove the individual from all communications, on the Individual record change Overall Communication Preference to ‘Do Not Contact’