Saint Maurice Society

Saint Maurice is the patron saint of soldiers, swordsmiths, armies, and infantrymen. The Saint Maurice Society includes individuals who have contributed 15 consecutive years of donations. An annual Mass will be celebrated on the Memorial of Saint Maurice (September 22) in recognition of the generosity of this donor group.


Saint Maurice, most blessed and honorable patron saint, you who fought so valiantly on the battlefield of faith, steadfastly opposed the tyranny of earthly rulers, boldly confessed faith in the one true God, and preferred to die by the sword rather than to betray your Lord, Jesus Christ, pray for us. O holy martyr and loyal soldier of Christ, obtain for us the courage to persevere in truth, to be a light in the darkness of the times in which we live, and to defend the honor of the Church wherever it is opposed. Obtain also for us the grace to endure patiently all the trials and hardships of this life, and to carry our cross in the spirit of prayer and self-denial. In particular we ask you to obtain for us from God the following favor: [mention your special request]. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord.