National Catholic Committee on Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Resources

The National Catholic Committee on Girl Scouts and Camp Fire (NCCGSCF) serves Catholic youth and adults through quality faith-based programs. The NCCGSCF oversees, develops, implements, and evaluates religious recognition programs and training opportunities for Catholic leaders in Girl Scouting and Camp Fire.

Find a Council

Looking for a Council on or near a U.S. military installation? Visit the Girl Scouts website online search tool to locate a nearby Council.

Scout Emblem Books

The Catholic Scout Medal programs are designed to learn more about the faith and develop a stronger relationship with Christ. Medals are awarded for the successful completion of the particular program.

The Catholic Scout Emblem Books: God is Love, Family of God, I Live My Faith, Mary, The First Disciple, The Spirit Alive, and Missio may be ordered online as detailed below.


Requests to receive the NCCGSCF Catholic Recognition Medals may be placed through the downloadable form AMS Order Form for Scouting Ministry. Members of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, may mail to completed order form indicating the mailing address that they would like the emblem sent to. Note that the original signed copy of the emblem completion form found at the back of the Catholic Medal workbook must accompany the order form.

God Is Love

For children in Kindergarten of First Grade

The God Is Love program helps students discover an appreciation that God created, cares for, and loves us all.

A companion to the God Is Love program, the prayer card invites children to embrace God’s love for them and the world, and to share that love with others.

God Is Love Medal

Family of God

For children in Grades 2 or 3

Family of God is the official religious recognition program of the Roman Catholic Church for children grades 2-3 who are enrolled in the Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, American Heritage Girls, and other Catholic youth organizations. Family of God is a bilingual activity series developed to complement the catechetical efforts of the parish and families with children in the second and third grades. Revised and transliterated into Spanish in July 2004, the program helps children discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of their family and parish. Booklet includes guide for adults. (2004).

Family of God Medal

I Live My Faith

For children in Grades 4-6

The I Live My Faith program is designed to help Girl Scouts and Camp Fire members, grades 4-6, appreciate more deeply the place that God and religion occupy in their daily lives. The program is structured on the Catechism of the Catholic Church with the themes of: Belief, Sacraments, Catholic Christian Living, and Prayer.

I Live My Faith Medal

Mary, The First Disciple

For youth in Grades 7-10

Mary, the First Disciple is written for young Catholics, grades 7-10, to enable them to “proclaim the greatness of the Lord.” This is accomplished by actively involving the participants in an understanding of Mary as a model of openness and spirituality—a woman of the church.

Mary, The First Disciple Medal

The Spirit Alive

For youth in Grades 9-12

This program is designed for Catholic youth in high school who are in the senior level of Girl Scouts or Horizon Club members of Camp Fire Boys and Girls. The book may be used by those in other Catholic youth organizations. It assists them in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives, calling them to greater participation in the church’s ministry.

The Spirit Alive Medal


For youth in Grades 11-12

The Missio Program invites young people to explore discipleship and their own religious identity. Missio was jointly created with the Pontifical Missions Societies in the United States and the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry.

Missio Medal

Congratulatory Letters for the Girl Scout Gold Award

Archbishop Broglio will gladly provide congratulatory letters to acknowledge young people receiving the Girl Scout Gold Award. Requests may be sent to Please be sure to include the full name, troop number and council name, mailing address that the letter should be sent to, as well as other applicable details of her scouting career.

NCCGSCF Patch Programs

The patch series programs are designed for girls grades 1-12. Its goals are to:

  • foster Catholic identity
  • encourage youth to learn more about their faith
  • encourage youth to serve their community
  • encourage youth to grow in holiness
Women In Scripture Series
Women of Faith Patch
Special Patches
Our Lady of Guadalupe Patch