Tekakwitha Conference

The 77th Annual Tekakwitha Conference will be held July 20-24, 2016 in Burlingam, CA. Thanks to the generosity of the Black and Indian Mission Office, the AMS is pleased to be able to offer four scholarships of $1500 each to AMS ministry leaders who are interested in learning more about evangelization among Native Americans to defray the cost of attending this event. The funds will go toward paying the following:

  • 5 nights in a conference hotel: $545-$1095
  • Conference fee: $135-$175
  • Meals offered by conference: $274
  • And to defray the cost of travel

Those who are interested should email a completed application to mbetit@milarch.org. Attendees will be asked to complete a one page reflection paper on what they learned and how this might be applied to Catholic faith communities in military settings.

Date: 4/1/2016