Upcoming Webinars

5 Guaranteed Ways to Fail at Youth Ministry

Mar 14 2:00pm ET
Mark Hart of LifeTeen explains what not to do in Youth Ministry.  Register online.

Preparing the Soil for a Plentiful Harvest

March 20 @ 2:00pm ET
Join the conversation to identify principles, strategies, and methods that build effective partnerships with teens and parents in the parish and school community.  Register online.

Ciencia y Fe de la Mano, Un Complemento Necesario para la Pastoral Juvenil

Marzo 21 8:00pm ET
Ciencia y Fe de la Mano proveerá al Agente de Pastoral Juvenil un entendimiento más amplio de la relación entre Iglesia Católica y la ciencia tal como se ha desarrollado en la historia, así como compartirá ideas de cómo hablar del tema de la fe y la ciencia en los esfuerzos locales para acompañar a la juventud. Ciencia y Fe de la Mano motivara al participante a continuar aprendiendo acerca de la enseñanza de la iglesia referente al tema. Registrate aqui.

National Collaborative Webinar Series on Catholic Social Teaching Missionary Discipleship: A Discpleship that Reaches Out

March 22
Explore the call of the catechist to be a missionary disciple. For the season Easter, NCCL, NFCYM, NCEA, and CRS will accompany catechists in unpacking Catholic Social Teaching and its direct link to the baptismal call of missionary discipleship. More info and registrations links: https://www.nccl.org/cst101/

Moving from Dreaming to Doing: Creating a Roadmap for Effective Adolescent Catechesis

May 1 @ 2pm ET
Join us in this webinar to discuss how to make a practical plan for transforming adolescent catechesis in your parish or school.  Register online.

Ongoing Webinars

Strong Catholic Family Webinar Series

  • Session 1: Thirteen: Engagement or Exodus? – held September 28th EDT
  • Session 2: A New Way of (Sacramental) Living – held October 3rd, 2:00pm EDT
  • Session 3: New Paradigms in Play – held October 17th, 2:00pm EDT

Learn more about each webinar and register directly. Sponsored by NFCYM, NCCL, NCEA, and NACFLM.

National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

One-hour formational webinars are offered free of charge to all ministry leaders and volunteers. All webinars are recorded. Links are sent to those who register. Learn more.

Ave Maria Press

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