AMS Vocation Discernment Retreats

Attending an AMS Vocation Discernment Retreat will help you understand better a calling to the priesthood and Military chaplaincy. Military chaplains, seminarians and faculty will conduct an all-inclusive 4-day retreat beginning on a Thursday and concluding after Sunday morning Mass. The Discernment Retreat will help you to explore and learn about a priest’s life dedicated to the service of God and Country.

What Can I Expect at an AMS Vocation Discernment Retreat?

This is your opportunity to learn more about the Catholic priesthood and the military chaplaincy, to ask questions, and to discern your vocation while participating in an AMS retreat. You will also meet priest-chaplains, chaplain candidates and other men like yourself discerning God’s call to the priesthood.

Upcoming AMS Vocation Discernment Retreats

Spring Retreat Fall Retreat
St. Patrick’s SeminarySt. Mary’s Seminary
Menlo Park, CaliforniaBaltimore, Maryland
16-19 February, 202329 September-2 October, 2022

 Who Can Attend:

1. Single Catholic men
2. 18-30 years of age
3. Active Duty Military and Civilians
4. Sponsored by a Catholic Chaplain or a Parish Priest

Sample AMS Vocation Discernment Retreat Schedule:

Day 1 – ThursdayDay 2 – FridayDay 3 – SaturdayDay 4 – Sunday
Arrival throughout the day0700 Morning Prayer on your own0800 Morning Prayer0630 Morning Prayer on your own
1700 Evening Prayer0730 Mass0830 Breakfast0700 Mass
1730 Wecome & Staff Introductions0830 Breakfast0930 Discernment Talk: Vocations Director0800 Breakfast
1800 Dinner0930 Archbishop Timothy Broglio1000 BreakDepartures throughout the day
1900 Retreat Overview, Focus, & Retreatant Introductions1030 Break1015 Individaul Meetings with Vocations Director
2000 Welcome Social1045 "My Story" Presented by Priests/Chaplains1200 Lunch
1145 Small Group Discussions1300 Personal Time
1230 Lunch1500 Seminarian Panel Discussion
1315 Personal Time1600 Break
1530 Vocation Director's Talk1615 Chaplain's Panel - Q&A
1630 Break1700 Mass
1645 "Fishers of Men" Vocation DVD Presentation1800 Dinner
1730 Evening Prayer2015 Evening Prayer
1800 Dinner2030 Farewell Socia
1930 Exposition, Reconciliation, & Benidiction
2030 Personal Time

For more information and to inquire about attending a retreat, please email the Director of Vocations at

“We are distracted by many things, by other more superficial voices … We are afraid to listen to the voice of the Lord because we believe it can detract from our freedom. The truth is that each of us is the fruit of love … the love of God. When we become aware of this our lives change; they become a response to that love which is greater than any other, and thus our freedom is fully realized.”