AMS Missionaries

AMS Missionaries will accompany Catholic young adults serving in the military through authentic relationships that grow into discipleship with Christ. The AMS will train Missionaries to walk with military young adults and invite them to take on the mission to live out their baptismal call to discipleship and evangelization.

What will the AMS Missionaries do?

Support Chaplains

  • Discern how to foster an encounter with Christ that leads young adults to ongoing conversion.
  • Empower the faithful to live out their baptismal call to evangelize.

Provide Accompaniment

  • Facilitate gatherings and activities that connect young adults to their peer community.
  • Form relationships with young adults at local military installations to be witnesses of the Catholic faith, in both word and action.

Teach and re-engage in the Faith

  • Invite young adults to participate in a life of prayer.
  • Lead young adults to the sacraments through a deepening of their faith formation.

Pillars of Missionary Life

The pillars of the AMS Missionary life are prayer, community, formation, and accompaniment. Each day is ordered around prayer and the sacraments. Missionaries commit to spending an hour in personal prayer, attending daily Mass and cultivating fellowship with one another.

AMS Missionaries will be formed to embrace both missionary and military culture.

Be a Part of the Journey

How can you help support AMS Missionaries?

  • Spread the word: Encourage others to pray for this outreach. Invite someone to consider serving as an AMS Missionary.
  • Become an AMS Missionary: Learn more about what it means to serve.
  • Support an AMS Missionary: Commit to praying for and providing monthly financial support for a Missionary.
  • Most importantly—Pray for the future AMS Missionaries, the military installations where they will be sent, and the chaplains they will support.

AMS Missionaries in the Media