Archbishop Broglio Expresses Solidarity with Military Communities In the face of the decision by military Authorities to cancel any gatherings of people over 20, Masses have been suspended in Korea and at Vicenza

WASHINGTON, DC — Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio yesterday expressed his solidarity with Catholics who are deprived of the celebration of Mass because of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus on U.S. Military installations throughout Korea and Italy.

In letters to members of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS) living and serving in Korea and Italy, Archbishop Broglio observed that:

  • Masses have been cancelled;
  • Confirmations have been postponed;
  • Auxiliary Bishop William (Bill) Muhm, Archbishop Broglio’s Vicar for Europe and Asia, will still be able to visit the clergy in Korea.

Go here to read the full text of Archbishop Broglio’s letter to the faithful in Asia.  Go here to read the full text of his letter to those in Italy.

For now, the precautions apply only to Asia and at Vicenza in Northern Italy, not the United States or on U.S. Navy vessels.

Archbishop Broglio advised the faithful in the affected regions “to take advantage of and participate in the attempts that your priests are making to offer at least virtual presence and participation at the Masses they celebrate.”

“If you are able to participate in the celebration of Mass,” the Archbishop advised, “please take precautions to avoid the spread of disease and remember that one who receives Holy Communion with only the consecrated Host still receives Christ, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.”

Archbishop Brogio noted resources can be found online at for the Mass readings. He added that the AMS app also offers resources for spiritual growth: