Archbishop Broglio visited Ukraine

Archbishop Broglio visited Ukraine in late December 2022. Together with Ukrainian Catholic University Rector Father Bohdan Prach, the Archbishop visited the Garrison Church in Lviv. General Pavlo Tkachuk and the pastor of the church, Father Taras Mykhalchuk, greeted the guests. Archbishop Broglio met with Ukrainian military chaplains. Some of them had just returned from the front lines. Together with Bishop Volodymyr Hrutsa, Archbishop Broglio took part in a funeral for three Ukrainian soldiers, Borys Yakovlev, Serhiy Fedorov, and Roman Lehkyi, who perished fighting the Russian occupiers. They were buried on the Field of Honored Burials in Lviv. View the YouTube video, posted below, created by Ukrainian Catholic University and learn more about the visit on the website (additional photos are included on the UCU webpage.)