Choosing Life

by Mark Moitoza, D.Min., AMS Vice Chancellor for Evangelization God made us for a reason. His love is our life mission. This mission enables us to find our true identity. If we choose to embrace this mission, we will have a new perspective on many issues, not just the family. To live the mission of … Continue reading

Mother, Teacher, Family

by Jackie Armstrong, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling "The Church has institutional forms because she must work in the world. But that does not exhaust her essence. The Church is the Bride of Christ, a "she" not an "it." In the words of Saint John XXIII, She is our mother and teacher, our comforter and guide, our … Continue reading

A Home for the Wounded Heart

by Casey Bustamante, Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA In the Church, the first priority is to bring people to an encounter with the Divine Physician. Any encounter with Christ brings healing to fallen humanity. (Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive, Chapter 8) Upon the return of Pope Francis’ trip to the Philippines, … Continue reading

Light in a Dark World

by Ken Artz, Joint Base Andrews MD "At its best, the family is a school of love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, mutual respect, patience, and humility in the midst of a world darkened by selfishness and conflict. In these ways, the family teaches what it means to be human. However, many temptations arise which try to … Continue reading

All Love Bears Fruit

by Father Luke Dundon, CHC, USN "Not everyone is called to marriage. But every life is meant to be fertile. Every life has the power and the need to nurture new life - if not through bearing and raising children, then through other vital forms of self-giving, building, and service. The Church is an extended … Continue reading

Creating the Future

by LTC John Bauer, US Military Academy at West Point Marriage is meant to be fertile and welcome new life. Children shape the future, just as they themselves are shaped in their families. Without children, there can be no future. Children reared with love and guidance are the foundation for a loving future. Wounded children portend a … Continue reading

Two Become One

by Analda Anglin, Redstone Arsenal We are not made to be alone. Human beings need and complete each other. Friendship and community satisfy that longing with bonds of common interest and love. Marriage is a uniquely intimate form of friendship that calls a man and a woman to love each other in the manner of … Continue reading

The Meaning of Human Sexuality

by Jenny Barrett, Offutt AFB Creation is sacred. It has sacramental meaning. It reflect God's glory. This includes our bodies. Our sexuality has the power to procreate and shares in the dignity of being created in the image of God. We need to live accordingly. (Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive, Chapter 3) … Continue reading

Mission of Love

by Priscilla Rosario, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling God works through us. We have a mission. We are in the world for a purpose — to receive God’s love and to show God’s love to others. God seeks to heal a broken universe. He asks us to be his witnesses and helpers in that work. (Love is … Continue reading

Created for Joy

by Dr. Mark Moitoza, D.Min., AMS Vice Chancellor for Evangelization We are more than an accident of evolution. We are greater than the sum of our biology. God exists. He is good. He loves us. He made us in his image to share in his joy. He takes an active hand in our lives. He … Continue reading