Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Opportunities

The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) accredits CPE training and trainers. To familiarize oneself with CPE, the Frequently Asked Questions page [insert:] on the ACPE website can be helpful.

To locate accredited CPE programs, go to the ACPE’s online directory at

  • Under “Center Type (Optional)” field, choose “Veteran’s Hospital” from the drop-down menu. With that filter, all the VA CPE programs will be found.
  • To find the VA CPE programs in a particular state, select “United States” as the country and then the state from the drop-down menu.

CPE programs generally have a limited number of slots per term.

Residency CPE Programs

Catholic priests are encouraged to apply to residency CPE programs, some of which provide a stipend for participants.

Once a priest completes 4 units of CPE training in a residency program, he can be hired directly by a VAMC to fill a vacancy—even if there is no announcement of the vacancy.