American Heritage Girls National Catholic Committee Resources

The mission of the AHG National Catholic Committee is to support American Heritage Girls, Inc. while promoting and providing for the growth and spiritual development of its Catholic members, in fidelity to the magisterium of the Catholic Church, and to act as the liaison between AHG, Inc. and the Catholic Church.

Find a Troop

Looking for an American Heritage Girls Troop on or near a U.S. military installation? Visit the AHG website to use their Find a Troop online search tool.

Trailblazer Program

The AHG Trailblazer Program offers opportunities for growth when a troop is not nearby or families experience obstacles the prevent participation in a troop. This can be a great way for military families on the move to remain connected. These mentor or parent-led opportunities help girls grow into women of integrity. Learn more about the Trailblazer Program on the AHG website.

AHG Catholic Faith Award Books

The AHG Catholic Faith Awards enable girls to learn more about their faith and develop a stronger relationship with Christ. Catholic Faith Awards for each level are listed below.

The Catholic Faith Award Books: Tenderheart, Explorer, Pioneer, and Patriot may be ordered through the local American Heritage Girls Troop or online through the AHG website.

AHG Catholic Faith Award Medals

Requests to receive the AHG Catholic Faith Award Medals may be placed through the downloadable form AMS Order Form for Scouting Ministry. Members of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, may mail to completed order form indicating the mailing address that they would like the emblem sent to. Note that the original signed copy of the emblem completion form found at the back of the Catholic Faith Award workbook must accompany the order form.


Deus et Familia Mea (God and My Family)

Ages 6-9

Deus et Familia Mea guides Catholic Tenderhearts through an awareness of who they are as children of God in the family of the Catholic Church. Girls will learn about the Holy Mass, sacraments, traditions, and history of the Catholic Church with fun, hands-on activities. Tenderhearts are encouraged to explore and perform works of charity for their families and neighbors.

Tenderheart God and Family Medal


Deus et Patria Mea (God and My Country)

Ages 9-12

Deus et Patria Mea allows Catholic Explorers to learn about various saints representing the United States of America. Explorers enrich their faith by exploring Catholic elements that are most important to those saints, including the Eucharist, Corporal Works of Mercy, and missionary work. Deus et Patria Mea is thought-provoking, hands-on, and will foster a desire in Explorers to serve Jesus Christ through His Holy Church.

Explorer God and Country Medal


Deus et Civitas Mea (God and My Community)

Ages 12-14

Deus et Civitas Mea guides Catholic Pioneers to examine service in their community through Sacred Scripture and Church Tradition. Girls learn the importance of preparing to serve through prayer and learning about people who exemplified service in their lives. Pioneers put what they have learned into practice by serving others and by reflecting on the impact of their service.

Pioneer God and Community Medal


Femina Integritatis (Woman of Integrity)

Ages 14-18

Femina Integritatis encourages Catholic Patriots to internalize and immerse themselves in what it means to be a Catholic Woman of Integrity. Prayer and discussion are essential elements of this study with opportunities for outings and engaging speakers. Through study of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Our Blessed Mother, the lives of the saints, and the sacraments, Patriots discern God’s call for their lives after high school.

There are two medals available to be earned on the Patriot Program Level.  The “Moral Compass Medal” is awarded after successful completion of Segments One and Two of the Patriot Catholic Faith Award.  The “Quiver Medal” is awarded to a Patriot after successful completion of Segments Three and Four of the Patriot Catholic Faith Award.  A Patriot may earn both of these medals.

Patriot Woman of Integrity - Moral Compass Medal
Patriot Woman of Integrity - Quiver Medal

Congratulatory Letters for AHG Stars and Stripes Award

Archbishop Broglio will gladly provide congratulatory letters to acknowledge young people receiving the AHG Stars and Stripes Award. Requests may be sent to Please be sure to include the full name, troop number and council name, mailing address that the letter should be sent to, as well as other applicable details of their scouting career.

AHG Catholic Patch Programs

In addition to the Catholic Faith Awards, AHG has a few Catholic patch programs:  the AHG Religious Vocations Patch and the Our Lady of Fatima Patch.  They are the equivalent of the NCCS and NFCYM Saints and Rosary Patches and any youth can earn these patches. There is also an AHG Respect Life Patch. The patches may be ordered directly online.

Year of Saint Joseph Patch

This patch was created during the Year of St. Joseph and can be earned until the patch is sold out. The AHG NCC Year of St. Joseph Patch helps girls learn more about St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, and the way he lived a life of virtue. The requirements will help girls discover the life of St Joseph through scripture, Church documents, Patris Corde, sacred images, and encourage girls to live a life of holiness.

AHG Catholic Faith Patches